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xcube.bio - Commercial incubator for innovative biopharmas

Biopharma innovators should aim beyond commercial hurdles.



of 1st time launcher deliver below expectation

Boost value by looking beyond mere approval

Why incubating a commercial expansion?

Succeeding in getting a drug approved is a fantastic achievement, but that does not guarantee access to patients. The ability to deploy commercially is a key part of the value of a biopharma asset. For that, physicians, payers, and patients need to align behind the medical value. A commercial venture requires very different muscles than those of drug development. It is not a risk-free endeavor and must start well ahead of approval.

An incubation program is a prefect fit to progressively morph a clinical-stage organization into a launch-ready organization

When insider advice meets deep-tech

What does xcube offer?

Securing the right advisory is crucial to kickstart a successful commercial journey, but it’s just the beginning. To reach patients rapidly, you need precise decision-making, dedicated financing, and flawless execution within a high-performing launch ecosystem. At Xcube.bio, we leverage targeted deep-tech to facilitate patient access to groundbreaking biopharma innovation.

Fast-track the path to patients, empower your launch plan, and optimize costs with Xcube.bio’s integrated platform

Decision support

Bridge management

Expansion equity

Expansion equity

Organization ecosystem

Deep-tech ecosystem

We build together a new venture.

How xcube.bio works?

Xcube.bio works on the premise that each partner has strengths to bring into the commercial venture. No one is in a better place than a Biopharma innovator to lead the science, the medicine, and the product manufacturing. Xcube.bio brings market insights, equity, and the commercial enablers. The partnership builds up progressively, starting with a light touch and flexible advisory when it comes to initial commercial decisions upon Phase II, and evolves into a co-managed entity to navigate the market launch.

Xcube.bio develop a “build together” partnership that keeps Biopharma innovator in control of their asset with a favourable risk/benefit.

Hands-on and invested in the mission.

Who are we?

Xcube.bio comprises a diverse team of hands-on industry experts catering to innovators’ needs: from launch and market access experts to organization builders and supply chain advisors, and from medical to financial capabilities.

We have already done and succeeded in what we offer within biopharma organization.

Pierre-Henri (PH) Belin
Ludo Ooms
Jan Boelher
Kriti Sharma

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